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The thing about websites is that no two sites are the same, and any advice you get about how to build them or grow them should be tailored to you.  Don’t let fear hold you back, I speak with women all the time to help them get started or keep going when building websites.


Your email address says a lot about you, either you’re telling the world you mean business with a bespoke email address, or you’re on the fence about committing with a email address.  If you’re putting it off because it’s too technical, let me do it for you.

Online Courses

Creating and launching online courses is one of the largest online growth industries currently, if you’ve got a skill you can teach it to your tribe.  If you’re struggling with where to start, how to create one or what to do once it’s created I’ve got you covered. 

Digital Strategy

If you’re planning to grow your business and want to make sure your website will grow with you, getting your strategy nailed down will make the difference.  Working with me, I’ll help you understand where you should be spending your time and money.


Sometimes what you need is someone who can walk alongside you and make sure you get to where you’re going.  When it comes to tech, sometimes what you really need is someone to help you understand the language that comes with it.

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