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In the arena

If someone isn't in the arena with you, they aren't worth your attention

A couple of weeks ago I listened to the wonderful Brené Brown talking with Oprah Winfrey on Oprah’s Soul Sessions Podcast and reminded me of the quote she loves, about the Man in the Arena.  

Heads up, if you don’t know who Brené Brown is, she gave a massively viral talk at TED on Shame & Vulnerability.  She’s also written extensively about both topics, in Daring Greatly, Rising Strong and Dare to Lead.  I’m currently reading Daring Greatly, but read Rising Strong last year.  Both amazing books, you’ll probably be yelling ‘YES’ a lot if you read them. 

Once I’ve finished reading Daring Greatly, I want to cover, in far more detail, the psychology of shame and vulnerability when it comes to online experiences.  How your customers react to what you’re doing, and why.  And also, some coping mechanisms when your customers (try) to shame you.

So back to my story, after listening to that podcast, someone I follow on Instagram said she’d been awake at 4am anxious, because of one negative comment someone had posted under a photo.  So I suggested she go listen to the podcast, and take on board what Brené had said.

The full quote is:

The speech was taken from a longer one titled ‘Citizenship in a Republic’ given at the Sorbonne in Paris on the 23rd of April 1910.  

Yesterday, I was talking about getting 5 friends to tell you what they think your superpowers are.  There was a good reason for that (and I’m still expecting you all to tell me how you got on!), in order to build a business online, we sometimes need to be reminded of why we’re doing it.  

Today I briefly wanted to cover the other side of the compliment and commitment coin, which is not letting the bastards get you down.  By that I mean not letting the negative commenters, the ‘neg heads’ alter your course.  

The next time you try to let the negative, critical, or just down right rude and abusive comments get you down, I want you to look at this quote and remind yourself that your place is not with those ‘cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat’.  You are in the arena, and girl, I’m in the arena with you. 

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Want to check out the podcast I mentioned earlier? click on the apple to go to the Apple Podcast store.
Brené Brown talking to Oprah Winfrey on the Super Soul Sessions 18th July 2018.


Check out Brené Brown's books on Amazon. I would definitely recommend Daring Greatly and Rising Strong.


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