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What the f*ck is up with swearing?

Swearing, where do you stand?

Swearing and bad language, who gives AF?

I’m in a Facebook group for local women who own their own businesses.  Not so unusual, I know.  I’ve been uhmming and ahhing about leaving it as I don’t get the sense they’re ‘my’ tribe. 

Anyway, someone asked “swearing on business posts, acceptable or not?” (I’m paraphrasing slightly there).

It would seem, the overall consensus by the group was “no”.  Without getting into the comments or the way they were phrased, this gal hurt her eyes rolling them – I didn’t agree. 

I’m completely aware that I have the wtf & ffs sections on this site, and a Podcast that takes liberty at the use of the word “fuck”. Let me just say, I really don’t give a… that I do.

Fuck, Fuckity, Fuck, Fuck, Fuck.

Might as well get that in there.  Zero fucks given.  I know, utterly childish and puerile, but I felt like it.  

This is going to sound like a justification and rationale for my actions.  It’s not, but anyway.  

When I started building Angels Playing Skittles, I had a conversation with a very good friend, who’s an MD of a start-up.  I was struggling with the view that I needed to be prim and proper when it came to my business.  I was trying to be someone I wasn’t. 

Her advice was that it was absolutely OK to swear and use that as part of my business, because it’s who I am.  

For me to not swear, is to not be me.  I don’t even realise I’m doing it half the time.  I can’t build this business, and this brand if I’m not me.  

If you don’t like the swearing, that’s totally OK, but don’t expect me to stop because you don’t like it.

Swearing is a sign you're more honest

There was research carried out that suggested, people who swear a lot “often lie less and have higher levels of integrity” , it’s also suggested they have a larger vocabulary and is linked to a higher IQ.  

I don’t know how accurate this research is.  As lie detectors are notoriously fallible and it’s yet to be proven that an fMRI scan can detect lying, I can’t be sure if this is. 

However, I would love this to be true.  I mean I know I have a massive vocabulary (when I can remember it, menopause brain), and I’d like to think I have a higher IQ (if it’s something that could actually be defined).  

That said, I do my level best to be as honest as possible.  Even to the point I’ll tell potential clients would be better off with other businesses if I don’t feel they’re the right fit.  My integrity is pretty bloody important to me too

I’m more than happy to go into more on why I prefer to say “honest is the best policy”, at another time. 

Swearing will lose you sales

Yeah, probably.  So will bad grammar, or badly written copy, or bad experience design, or, well, you get the idea. 

Do you know what bothers me more, aside from the word “flavourful”? Brands that have no integrity, are faceless entities and show absolutely no personality.  More and more consumers want to give their money to businesses that show individuality and personality.  

The kinds of topics I plan on covering, will get people riled up.  H*ck, I get riled up when I talk about them.  Letting out the anger, and frustration related to it, is bloody cathartic, so who am I to sensor myself or anyone else who needs that cathartic release?

ADDITION: since writing this yesterday, I’ve started doing a copywriting course, and it’s reminded me that I’m talking to my tribe.  The one thing I know about my tribe is that they aren’t bothered by my language.  I should have stressed this yesterday, if your tribe are not down with the bad language, do away with it, but if your tribe have other things to worry about, the bad language is irrelevant. 



This wasn’t the footnote I was originally going to post.  BUT! it is the thing that I have in my head every time someone gets offended when I swear. 

In days of old, when you bought music on CDs, the Guns n Roses albums, Use Your Illusion I & II had stickers on the front that said:

“This album may contain language that some people might find offensive, well they can just f*ck off and buy something from the new age section”. 

Which, I really keep meaning to borrow. 


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