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Tech tips for female founders

Introducing tech tips for female founders, designed to stop you from getting into a jam, or help you out if you're in one.

Tech Tips for Female Founders

We’ve all been there. You know, a little out of our depth and unsure of what to pick, how much it should cost, how to use it. i.e. in desperate need of good, honest Tech Tips. 

If you’re anything like me, I’ll either go with a healthy dose of fake it ’till I make it or find someone who knows the answer.

The problems with trying to find someone who knows the answer, means admitting we’re out of our depth. Then run the risk of having someone ‘splain it to us like we’re stupid. It’s a somewhat daunting experience. 

You’re also risking wasting time trying to do something, possibly failing (or swearing like a sailor).  Your time is your money.  

Now, if you’re setting up a business, time is, as they say, money.

Let’s be honest for a sec, when it comes to technology, there’s a lot of bro’s out there talking the talk. Their content is heavy on the testosterone and the Sahara dryness of it. 

If you were looking for something to send you to sleep, then it’s probably great.

My point is, there aren’t too many female voices out there that can explain all the boring geeky stuff in a way that’s both simple to understand, amusing and, well, feminine.

This is where I come in (you knew that already though didn’t you?)

If you don’t already know. I’ve worked with technology for almost 22 years. I swapped a career doing tech support to one working with websites. 

The skills I learnt doing tech support haven’t stood the test of time and I can still replace hardware in laptops (it’s easier than it used to be) and rebuild my mac in around 90 minutes


What started out as me sharing a small piece of technical advice when I swapped out my hosting company a couple of weeks ago, and has started to expand from there. 

What I thought was either common knowledge or just not that interesting has become quite interesting to people.

Which is sort of where the hashtag of Technotherapy came from. Getting a bit of therapy can help you out and make you feel better. 

So instead of saying what I’m doing it Tech Support, I’m rebranding it “Technotherapy”.

I’d already planned to build and launch a course that’s called “Web Builder Basics”.  A step-by-step course teaching you how to go from zero to hero with a website.

By that I mean from coming up with a name for your business, to registering your domain, to setting up email, to picking the right platform for your website, to getting a simple site launched. 

If you’d like to know more about the course, head on over to the Courses section and sign-up for updates.  The first (FREE) course is dropping the first week of June. 

By providing you with content (and technotherapy) on how I use technology, including all my top tips and handy go to info. I figured I could help you gain confidence when it comes to picking, buying and using technology to support your business. 

These are skills that are transferable throughout the lifetime of your business. Tech Tips and Technotherapy… what more could a gal need?


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