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How do I name my business?

When you've got a great idea for a business but no name, you've got to start somewhere

How do I name my business?

First up can I just take a sec to congratulate you? Building a business for yourself is an amazing thing to do. 

It’s one thing to sit and dream about doing something completely different, but it’s another to cross that invisible line and go for it.

The thing is, in order to start taking money from people you need a name for yourself. No, not as in reputation, that will come soon after, but you need a business name.

If you’ve already got one in mind, awesome. You could skip onto the bit where you register your business so you can start trading.

What's in a name?

Well, you’ll be saying your business name almost as much as you’ll be saying your own. It becomes a part of your life so whatever you choose you’ll need to live with it. You can obviously change it at any point, but that can be costly*.

Depending on what kind of business you’re creating you should consider what kind of name you go with.

If you’re looking to create a lifestyle brand, you’ll probably want a name that evokes a feeling with your audience.

If you’re looking to create an app, a one word name will be both memorable and shareable.

If you’re going to be a coach, your name will probably be a part of it (as your name will be the thing that sells it to people).

As you can see, context is an important factor in how you name your business. If you’d like to find out where my name came from, head over to the WTF section and find out more.

*the cost of legally changing it in the UK is only £10, but you have the cost of changing your branding and your website, registering a domain etc.

How does it sound?

That’s not such a crazy thing to me. I made a mistake when I registered my previous business name. I didn’t appreciate that everyone hadn’t see the Labyrinth and wouldn’t know how to say “Oubliette” let alone spell it!

When you’ve got a name you kinda need to let it roll around in your mind and out loud a lot before you commit to getting it sorted legally.

I’ve found saying it out loud to myself (not as crazy a you might think) and to other people is a great starting point. I’d do that for a couple of weeks before taking the plunge and registering it.

Where will it be seen?

If you’re going to create a business that appears online, and let’s face it anyone creating a business these days has some kind of online presence. That could be as simple as having a branded email address. You will need a name that’s easy for people to remember if you tell them.

Are you going to have a shop or an office? If so where you stick your name will matter greatly. If it’s stupidly long you’ll either have a shop sign that goes past your neighbours or the font will be so small that nobody can read it.

Are you going to have anything printed with it on? Can you imagine your name on a t-shirt?

Lots to consider

There are most definitely lots of things to consider here, but they’re worth it. If you take the time to get your name right at the start then you’ll make your life a lot easier going forward.

You’ll also have a great story to share with people. When someone asks you “where’s your name come from?” you’ll already have an amazing story to share with people.

If you’re still struggling, and need a little bit more help. I’ve created a free, short course (it’ll take you an hour), to help you come up with a name.

Why not give it a go? You’ve got nothing to lose as it’s completely free!!

Business Naming Basics Course

Angels Playing Skittles - Business Naming Basics Course Screen shot

Sign up for this FREE mini course to learn how to create an amazing name for your new business.

This includes a free download that will teach you how to get all the information you need before you register your business.


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