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Technotherapy Sessions

Free Facebook live sessions on all things technology

Technotherapy Sessions

I’m going to try something new and run some Technotherapy Sessions live on Facebook. These sessions will be a trial run to see if they’re of any use (and to see if I can sustain them).

So I’m going to give them a month and see if we can make them work.

I’ll be running them on a Thursday, during the day (in the UK) as this is possibly a more convenient time for women to join. I’ll be recording the sessions so you can play them back at your convenience.

The first one will be accessible via the Angels Playing Skittles Facebook page. The rest you’ll be able to access via the Technotherapy group on there. I’ll share details in this week’s Technotherapy Session.

Keep it relatively simple this week, because I’m writing the scripts for the courses I’m building, I’m going to cover all things Gmail. I’m covering Gmail because last week’s blog post on how to set-up filters in Gmail is something I can expand on.

I have a list of around 50 blog post topics (currently, it grows weekly) that I can expand on in a live session.  

It would include things like:  

  • Online security & privacy
  • Backing up your computers
  • How to rebuild your laptop (more straightforward than you think)
  • Creating a software & hardware budget
  • Kick-ass customer research
  • Building a website experience your customers will love

If you want to keep on top of each week’s Technotherapy sessions, can you do me a favour and subscribe to my newsletter. I will post a light schedule on here each week, but the newsletter will have more information.

The Facebook live session will be hosted from the Angels Playing Skittles page at 2pm GMT.  

To sign-up for my newsletter you can scroll down the page, or visit the newsletter sign-up page.


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