Free Course - Business Naming Basics

Does this sound familiar? You’ve got a great idea for a business but you don’t know where to start.  You currently feel like you’re standing nervously behind the start line but you aren’t even sure if it’s the start line.  Worse still, you don’t know if you’re doing the 100 metre sprint or the relay race.

Well, why don’t you start at the beginning?  Let’s assume you’ve worked out what you want to do, and now you just need a name for your business.  Oh, but that’s the thing that’s stopping you. 

Fear not.  I’ve got a course for that.  Business Naming Basics will teach you:

  • Why your "why" is important
  • How to work out what kind of business you're creating
  • Why the place where your name will appear is important
  • The 4 different types of naming technique

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Web Builder Basics

Hold up girls, I've got an idea...

Don’t all great stories of ideas start with a “but…”? Mine is, “but why isn’t anyone else doing this?”  Why isn’t anyone else building a course that teaches the basics of setting up a website. 

More specifically, why aren’t there many women out there doing it?

There are a boat load of courses that cover marketing, social media, email lists built by women for women.  But there aren’t any courses with the basics of technical stuff. 

The thing is, there is a demand for it.  Women ask me for help with this all the time, so why not build something to help? 

Coming in July, a course that will do just that, everything you need to register your domain, set-up your email, pick a website platform and build a WordPress site. 

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Course modules will include

  • How to come up with a name for your business or website
  • How to set-up custom email accounts
  • How to pick the right website platform
  • How to build a website if you don’t know how to code
  • How to find a designer or developer
  • What to budget for when doing all of this

I’ll also be building a community that will provide all kinds of amazing things (but a gal’s gotta keep something close to her chest). 

The first module of the course, how to create a name for your business (or website) and register it, will be available for FREE, next week. 

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