Web Builder Essentials Course

Web Builder Essentials

Hold up girls, I've got an idea...​

What if you could build a website without knowing how to code?  

Web Builder Essentials, the first flagship course from Angels Playing Skittles is now open for registration.  

Sign-up today and take advantage of the exclusive early bird launch pricing (get it before its gone, gone, GONE!).


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You will learn how to

  • Know what domains to register and how
  • Choose the right email service provider & set it up
  • What to spend money on, and what not to
  • How to build a website if you don’t know how to code
  • How to find a designer or developer
  • How to create a simple brand that won't break the bank
  • Create content even if it scares the bejebus out of you

I’ll also be building a community that will provide all kinds of amazing things (but a gal’s gotta keep something close to her chest). 

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