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Finding the right person to help you is like getting a perfect pair of shoes, the fit is so good you never want to replace them.

So you know what I love? Word of mouth recommendations. I would genuinely rather give my business to someone who has been recommended to me. The advantage of this is simply that I’m more likely to get the right kind of person, for the right price and who is trustworthy.  They deliver on their promises.  

Ask another female founder and they’ll know someone, even if they haven’t used them.


Whilst I don’t have a massive list at the moment, I would very much like to expand the list.  I’m also going to be actively asking my network for recommendations that I can add to my list.  I’m not charging anyone to be added. There really is no catch, it’s just a case of sharing is caring.  

Get a Recommendation

Simply fill out the form and I’ll come back to you with a recommendation.  The “payment” for this is adding you to my awesome mailing list. Which is totally spam free.  

Get on My List

Want to get on my list?  Check out the Word of Advertising Movement page and fill out the form on that page. 

Sharing is caring

Want to replicate what I’m doing here? Find out more about what I’m doing on the Word of Advertising Movement page and copy my idea – just please give me credit for it (see what I did there?).

What I can Recommend

Digital & Creative Professionals

Do you need a human to help you with something? I have freelance and small business contacts in the following fields:

  • Design & Branding
  • Photography
  • Social Media Management
  • Audio & Video Production
  • Marketing
  • Experience Design
  • Customer Research


Are you struggling to pick the right software product to help you in your business? I can recommend software in the following categories:

  • Web Platforms
  • Email Service Providers
  • Email Marketing Platform
  • Social Media Management
  • Productivity
  • Cloud Storage
  • Webinar
  • Online Course Platforms

Get your recommendation

As this service is free, you’re limited to one request per person.  If you need a more detailed set of recommendations, please check out my Female Founer Concierge Service.

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not the FAQs
Some things you might be thinking about before you buy

Before you buy, there are some things you might want to know, these aren’t FAQs (because more than one of you would have to ask).

Sometimes you need to cancel things, it’s cool.  I don’t need a reason if you cancel up to 24 hours before the appointment.  

If you do, I’ll issue a full refund, no quesitons asked.

Within 24 hours of the appointment and a refund will be given only in exceptional circumstances.

If you are booking a service where a software recommendation is given, I will make it clear if I am an affiliate partner.

In these circumstances, I will always give you a second choice. 

Please see the My Toolkit page for details of who I work with.

I feel uncomfortable giving my business (and money) to organisations that don’t meet my integrity standards.

By that I mean businesses who provide services to countries with poor human rights records, actively engage in efforts to destabilise democracies, are complicit in acts of terorism (domestic or otherwise) or are known to have unethical business practices.

Please visit my Ethics & Beliefs Page for more info.

Angels Playing Skittles isn’t large enough to need to comply with this law.  But (there’s always a but)…

There are laws in the UK to protect employees and the self employed.  For that reason I do not actively support any organisation that seeks to defraud its employees or treat them poorly. 

Please note, this includes anyone working for MLMs.

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