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Group Technotherapy

Group Therapy, happens to be the name of one of my favourite albums.  So it made sense to combine it with my Business Coaching service, and turn it into a the name of a Facebook community.

Group Technotherapy is a completely Free Facebook community where I’ll be running weekly Facebook live sessions.  See below for details and how to join. 

How it works


Join the group by filling out the form below.


Each week I'll pick a couple of questions asked by the group in the community.


I'll run a weekly Facebook Live session where I'll answer the questions I've picked.

The topics I’ll cover in therapy are the same that I would cover in a paid for one-to-one session.  They include:

– Content issues & challenges

– Labelling, categories, tagging and navigation

– Digital customer experience

– Customer research 

– Help & FAQ issues 

– Customer Avatars

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