My Toolkit

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Tools of my trade

Whether you’re a makeup artist wielding a brush or a photographer with a camera, we all need tools to do our jobs.  These are the tools of my trade.

NB please note I am a proud affiliate partner with some products. These have been selected on the basis of ones I love and rave about. 

Business Essentials

The applications & hardware I use to manage the day-to-day operations

Google G Suite & Gmail

My email & day to day management of my business is run on the Google G Suite productivity cloud. I've opted for this based on cost, ease of use and security. I am a Google Referal Partner.

Apple MacOS & iOS

The hardware I run my business on, is all Apple. I the design of the products (both hardware & software). I also like their stance on privacy and recycling.


I have recently switched to using Firefox browser. I have done this because of the built in privacy and security controls they have launched with their latest release. It also uses less processor energy.


You might have noticed that I use a lot of vector art throughout the site. I buy the vectors from Adobe Stock Library and edit them using Illustrator. I use InDesign to produce eBooks & course material. I also use Premiere Pro for film editing.


Despite using Illustrator & InDesign, I can't figure out how to use more than a 1/10th of the features. So I use Sketch to create the raw images for Angels Playing Skittles & social media.

Other Apps

Other Apps include Microsoft PowerPoint, Slack, Apple Notes, AirMail, HandBrake, Screenshot, Quicktime, AirTable and Asana. I am a certified Asana Ambasador.

Web Essentials

The products & services I use to manage my services online


My entire site runs on WordPress. As an open source product with thousands of developers globally, I know it's a well supported (and free) product.


The pages on my website are built using Elementor. As someone who's worked with Content Management Systems (CMS) for years, this is the BEST product I've found to do this (and that includes ones that cost £££). I'm a very proud Elementor Affiliate Partner.


My email marketing is managed using Convertkit. I tried, more than once, to figure out how to use MailChimp and found it confusing & hard to use. Convertkit aren't cheap in comparison, BUT! they offer a lot of free training & suppoort.


All my forms outside my website are managed using TypeForm. It's a really intuitive application that allows you to build forms with logic built into them. They're also redonk user friendly.


The course platform I use is Thinkific. I initially started with Teachable but found their product was lacking a lot of features I wanted.

Other Apps

Other Apps include Later for Social Media management, and Zapier rules engine to automate processes.

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