Female Founder Toolkit & Concierge, go digital without the dudes.

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What the ef?

You remember that scene in Pretty Woman where the women in the shop refuse to wait on Vivienne? She ends up feeling ashamed, and Barney sends her to see Bridget, who asks her one question, and says:

“You’ll need a cocktail dress, size 6, right?”

Dealing with technology can be like Vivienne’s first experience. Some dude will shame you or mansplain you, leaving you lacking in confidence.

I hate seeing women on the recieving end of an experience like that, because I see the effect it has.  I see a future where women have an experience that’s more like the one Vivienne has with Bridget. 

Which is awesome, as I’m like Bridget.

I’ve worked with tech for so long I can size up your needs and measure you for the right fit without breaking out the tape measure.

So I’ve created two products to help female founders with their technology needs. The Female Founder Toolkit and the Female Founder Concierge.

Female Founder Concierge

The Female Founder Concierge is a completely bespoke service. It’s a mashup of a personal stylist and consultancy service to help you get the right tools and services to help you run your business.

The Concierge is a bespoke 1:1 service to help you solve your specific business challenges with software, processes and website experience. It is not technical support, it’s designed to be preemptive of you needing technical support.

Imagine someone who will guide you through choosing the right software, platform and tools, showing you how to get them set-up and guiding you through the experience of using them. A concierge white glove service for your technical needs.

Don’t let technology hold you back or cause you problems.

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Female Founder Toolkit

The Swiss Army Knife for your business. 

Google is a bit like one of those massive hypermarkets that sell everything, and the kitchen sink.  You’re bound to find exactly what you want, cheaply. I wanted to create something that’s a little bit more bespoke.  Think of it like a Tech Atelier. 

The toolkit will provide a variety of tech content, courses, videos, podcasts, cheat sheets, templates, swipe files, workflows and discounts.  Created with the female founder in mind.  The content will be engaging, helpful and devoid of mansplaining.

The working titles for what will be available:


  • Managing Domains, DNS & Email for your busienss
  • How to Buy the Right Business Software
  • Powering your Business Using Google G Suite
  • Customer Research Master Class
  • Nerdic for Beginners (aka learn the lingo)
  • Automating your Business with Rules Engines
  • Designing Productivity Processes
  • Software Budgeting
  • The Emchi Method (the Konmari method for tech & Data)
  • Experience Design to Surprise & Delight your Customers
  • The Confident Content Writer
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Who it's for


You’re the woman who’s sat at her desk in the office and dreams of building your own world.  You don’t want to be a slave to a paycheck any more.

The ideas you’ve got are too good to sit on, but there are things holding you back.  What if people don’t like your idea? What if you spend a ton of money getting someone to build your website and your business fails. 

The more you dig in, the more you hold back.  You doubt yourself, and the more you do the more unhappy you become. 

This is for you.  To give you the confidence to build what you need to get started without spending more than you need. 

Female Founders

You’ve already made steps to build your dreams.  You’ve started that journey of a thousand miles and are making progress.

Thing is, you’re not very technical and chose a software platform in haste, and are now doubting your choice. 

You’ve tried validating your idea only to find people didn’t respond to it, and don’t know what to do now. 

Or maybe you’ve launched, it’s been successful, but now you need to up your game.  You need to make it look like you’ve got a massive team, without doing all the work yourself.

This is also for you.  To help right your ship, to help you grow and to offer you peace of mind.

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