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When I grew up, I wanted to be an author. It’s really the one thing that I truly wanted to be more than anything. Books have been my comfort blanket when the world has been cruel and isolating.

It’s just that I always thought I would be a novelist. I wanted to share the joy I had for a damn good novel with others. To give others that solace in the place of discomfort that I had enjoyed so much. However, after years of struggling to come up with an awesome idea for a novel, with amazing characters, I haven’t quite managed it… yet.

It turns out, however, that the type of written word I’m bloody good at, is non-fiction. I love taking something complex and stripping it down and presenting it in a way that leaves the reader awed and educated.

The funny thing is that when I changed my mindset from writing fiction to writing non-fiction, I realised I have several good book ideas in my head. There’s plenty I can write about with relative ease.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

My first book is going to be about women who don’t have children.

As a woman who doesn’t have children, I find there is a huge gap in the market. When I went through my hysterectomy at 36, all the voices were of women who were either much older or facing cancer.

The idea is this, to explore why society fetishises the role of motherhood and what impact it has on women who don’t have children. Whether the choice is theirs or not.

As with most things, I have no doubt that the minute I start to research this, the book could take a completely different tone. Or maybe it turns into more than one book. Who knows!

Now I have something to ask of you. I cannot write this book without your voices. My story is just one of so many that exist, and I want to include as many stories from women who don’t have children, for whatever reason.

If you would like to share your story, please fill out the form below.

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