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Stonehenge wasn't built by one person, it took many people to move those stones

When you’re looking at changing advertising like it’s a stone monolith, achieving change alone is almost impossible.  If we come together as a movement, we can make a change.  Find out how you can get involved.

Share the love

I want you to take the idea I’m suggesting and make it your own.  I’ve put together some ideas of how you can do this.  None of them cost money, they simply need you to be motivated to take part. 

Friend Get Friend

Tell 3 people about a small business you’ve used recently. Explain why you liked them. Maybe it was the quality of the product, maybe it was the service you got or maybe their packaging was innovative (plastic-free people!)

Use the Hashtag

Is anything a campaign these days if there isn’t a hashtag?  Post a pic of the product or service you’ve bought*, write a short review about it under the post, tag the brand and include the #WoMAM hashtag.

Create your own Little Blue Book

Create a list, or do like I have and ask people to contact you. Fill that list with brands or small businesses in your niche or who you’ve worked with. Then share it. Talk about it in your newsletter, add it to your podcast or just tell all the people you meet.

Get on my list

I have a small(ish) list at the moment. Whilst I know a ton of experts in their fields, most of them are employed by bigger businesses. I’m looking for more brands and small businesses run by women who work in the digital and creative sector. Specifically in the following areas of specialism:

  • Coders - HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby on Rails
  • Developers familiar with WordPress
  • Tech Support - Windows & Mac
  • Designers - Web designers, Online Advertising, Social Media, Product Packaging, Offline Branding.
  • Email Marketing Specialists - familiar with MailChimp or Convertkit
  • Photography
  • SEO Experts
  • Content & Copywriters

Get on the list

Please fill out the form so I can get you on my list.

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Want a process like mine?

Would you like your Little Blue Book set-up like mine but don’t know how?  

For £149, I’m offering a service where I will:

  • Create a simple online process
  • A form to collect the information
  • An email flow (including email copy)
  • A categorised spreadsheet to store all your recommended contacts

To find out more please visit the Little Blue Book Service Builder page to order. 

not the FAQs
A word about ethics

The problem with advertising is that it’s a little bit shady at times, and in many cases unethical.  For that reason I’ve created a small set of ethics that I’m adhering to.  I’d love it if you used these ethics or created your own.

I won’t use it.  If I dropped the Facebook Pixel on this site then it would be collecting your data.  I don’t know what they do with that data, other than make money from it. 

The only tracking I use is Google Analytics, to help me understand how y’all are engaging with my site.  I don’t share that data with Google. 

If you’re as fed up as I am of seeing those two hashtags, you’ll know why I’m not using them. 

But let’s be honest, everyone loves something for nothing sometimes.  I would just ask that you don’t include #WoMAM hashtags with #ad or #gifted. 

Let’s keep #WoMAM for those surprise & delight moments.  The ones where the person being recommended isn’t expecting it.  It’s like a compliment from a complete stranger, it’ll make their day. 

I am an affiliate partner of a small number of brands.  I had to apply to be an affiliate partner to each of them.  In some cases I’ve had to undergo training to become a partner. 

Again, I don’t plan on using the #WoMAM tag or approach alongside anything I’m an affiliate for. 

I’ve set-up the affiliates so I can include them in the courses I’m building.  I will be 100% open and transparent about who they are and when I use them. 

Where a business has a proven record of dodgy behaviour, I would avoid associating them with #WoMAM. 

By that I mean, let’s not give any more fuel to the patriarchy

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