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Why ask the audience when you can phone a friend

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Do any of these sound familiar?

Do the words “I’m not very technical” come to mind when you could do with being a bit technical?

Is a lack of technical experience stopping you from starting, or holding you back?

Do you dread doing anything with your website so you leave it to stagnate?

Do you cringe when you send anyone to your website because it just doesn’t reflect your business?

If the answer to any of these is an overwhelming “yes”, you’re in the right place. I’ve got you covered.

does this sound familiar?

  • You haven’t got a clue how to pick the right website platform and worry you’ll buy the wrong thing.
  • You want to build an amazing website that reflects your business but don’t have the time to learn everything. 
  • You’re spinning so many plates you’re not giving everything the right attention and worried you’re getting something wrong. 
  • You’re panicking that you’re not getting the right level of visibility online. 
  • You started your website with the best intentions but find it too overwhelming and have given up.
  • Feel completely overwhelmed and don’t know where to start.

Don't worry beautiful, I've got you covered!

If I told you that most of what I do is like being a personal stylist.  I size you up for the things you need and give you solutions that match your style.  Like the bit in Pretty Woman where Bridgette sizes up Vivienne and tells her what size she is and what outfit she’ll need, I’ll do the same with you. 

Power Hours

Gmail for your Business

Want to get your email set-up using your domain name but the prospect of doing so is a technical step too far? How about getting someone to do it for you, AND train you how to use it?

Website Starter Session

If you’re lost when it comes to choosing the right website platform, setting it up, working out how to use it AND what software to put on there, you don’t have to do it alone, I’ll show you the way.

Web Power Hour

You’ve got a problem with your website, and you need help, fast.  You could ask for help on Facebook, or you could get to the point with someone who can get you the help you need fast.

Online Course Power Hour

You want to join the online course revolution but your overwhelmed with what to do, when to do it or how to do it. You could do a course, or you could focus on one thing in an hour with me for fast results.


Coaching for Female Founders

Are you looking to build or grow your online business and need someone to work with you to help you achieve measurable goals? If you do, then you’ll be wanting my coaching for female founders to support you. Guaranteed to give you the confidence to go forth and slay.

Corporate Tech Coaching

You’re amazing at what you do, but you’re finding your lack of technical knowledge is holding you back.  I work with women who are progressing throughout their careers or are in senior positions to share my tech knowledge, giving you confidence to go after your goals.

Coming Soon

Website Audits

Does your website no longer spark joy? Do you need to grow it to cope with the changing demands of your business but don’t know what to do? My website audit will tell you what’s going wrong and how you can fix it, easily.

Digital Strategy

Are you a women led start-up looking for help with digital strategy and want to work with a woman? Maybe you’re looking to create a digital strategy for your business that saves you time and money. My digital strategy service will help.

eBooks & Guides

I know, you all want to work with me, but sometimes your budget doesn’t allow you to, or maybe you want to try (me) before you buy! Launching this Autumn short eBooks on how to get shit done easily, at an affordable price.

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