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Tech Coaching for Women

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Photo Credit – Elaine Potter Photography

What the ef?

Is a lack of technical experience stopping you from starting, or holding you back?

I’ve noticed as women, we’re notoriously good at giving the impression we’ve got it all under control, but often find ourselves out of our depth. This is especially true when it comes to tech.

In the last couple of years I’ve been working alongside women in senior positions and starting their own business. Something I’ve noticed is that I’m approached by these women to help them understand tech.

After having a lot of conversations with my inner circle they’ve helped me realise that some of my greatest strengths lie in just how much knowledge I’ve got, and how easily I can communicate it.

As I feel like we’re in an age where we as women are chasing our dreams more than ever before, and I have the ability to support you while you do that. Also it means I get to talk tech with amazing women, two of my favourite things!

My goal is to share my knowledge and experience with you to help you grow and gain confidence with tech in a way that’s down to earth and approachable.

Check out the different coaching options below, or get in contact to discuss a problem you think I might be able to help you solve.

Office Hours

I’m a firm believer of having someone you can reach out to for advice when you’re well and truly stuck.  Whether that’s help with choosing software, getting your email set-up, troubleshooting customer research or, well, anything tech really.  Find out more about what I can help you with.

Coaching for Self-Funded Founders

A lot of women I’ve spoken with who are at the start of their journey struggle with the essentials at the beginning.  Whether that’s getting a domain name sorted, getting your email set-up or choosing the right web or email marketing platform.  You have a limited budget and are doing ALL the things, this coaching option is low-cost and packed with practical advice, support and direction.  Guaranteed to give you the confidence to go forth and slay.

Coaching for Funded Founders

I’ve noticed more and more of you amazing women are getting funding, but as your business grows, you’re finding a lack of tech background is holding you back.  Forced to grow your skills at a pace that matches your business growth is an added pressure.  I work with funded founders to help them learn all they need to know to recruit the right team, learn all the jargon and grow their start-up with confidence.

Corporate Tech Coaching

The idea behind tech coaching for women came from working alongside women holding senior positions, but who lacked a tech background.  You’re amazing at what you do, but you’re finding your lack of technical knowledge is holding you back.  I work with women who are progressing throughout their careers or are in senior positions to share my tech knowledge, giving you confidence to go after your goals.

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