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Not sure if I can help?

Let’s be honest, the areas of expertise I cover can be a little confusing if you’re not used to them.  Perhaps you’d like a quick conversation with me before deciding if I can help.  No probs, I’ve put aside some time for some free 15 minute consultations.  If you’re on the fence, let me help you get off.

Areas of Expertise

Here are some of the areas of expertise I’ve got, there are more but this might help you decide if there’s something specific I can help you with. 

Experience Design

Pages aren’t converting, or your customers aren’t engaging with your site.  It cold be all kinds of things, but I can work it out quickly for you. 

Customer Research

Need some help working out what customer research to do and when.  I’ve done thousands of hours of interviews, I can help.

Digital Operations

Not sure what software to buy, confused about the jargon or something just isn’t right for you.  I can find my way around just about anything and can help quickly.

Book now

Simply pick a date and time that works for you, and book your free 15 minute no quibble consultation. 

Not in the UK? not a problem, click (or tap) on the drop down to change your time zone and see if there’s a time that suits you. 

not the FAQs
Some things you might be thinking about before you buy

Before you buy, there are some things you might want to know, these aren’t FAQs (because more than one of you would have to ask).

I’m not a big business, and having worked as a contractor for years I’ve struggled with clients paying me.

I think that net 30, 60 or 90 payment terms should be illegal for freelancers.

For this reason, I request payment up front for all work up to £500. Any work over £500, I request 50% payment up front and the remaining amount once the work is completed.

For clarity, completion is either when the final product is handed over or after the final call/meeting.

I accept payment by credit / debit card or bank transfer. Please pick which payment term you would prefer when requesting the service. If paying by bank transfer, I need the payment to have cleared before our initial 60 minute meeting.

If you’re unsure I’ll be able to help you, I would recommend you book a no obligation 15 minute call with me.  Details can be found above.

Sometimes you need to cancel things, it’s cool.  I don’t need a reason if you cancel up to 24 hours before the appointment.  

If you do, I’ll issue a full refund, no quesitons asked.

If you need to cancel after the work has started, I won’t be able to issue a refund for any work under £500.  If the value of the work is over £500.  I will not charge you the remaining balance.

The kinds of clients I aim to work with are small female run businesses.

However, don’t work with MLMs (Multi Level Marketing) businesses. I don’t find their business practices ethical and it bothers me the way many women are left in debt and isolated from family for working for them.

The only guarantees in life are death, taxes and oxygen.

That roughly means that I cannot guarantee the changes I make will net you millions in revenue or get you the exact outcome you’re after. This is simply because we’re at the whim of human behaviour.

That said, I have proven results improving conversion rates for clients that have resulted in more sales.

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