Website Starter Sessions

Get accountable help to start your online business

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Is your lack of tech skills stopping you from starting?

You know you’re out of your depth when you’re still using your email address 4 months after buying your domain name and your website remains unpublished. SEO, email lists, logo’s, website platform and what to say is getting overwhelming. You don’t know where to start so you’re finding excuses not to.
What you need is someone who can sit in the passenger seat and give you directions. Tell you what to do, when to do it and more importantly what to not bother with right now.

Sessions Include

We’ll work together to get your email set-up, choose the right software for your website, create the basic content you need to get started and give you back the confidence to run your business.

Website Starter Sessions include:

  • 2 x video calls – session 1 (60 minutes) to get you started and session 2 (30 minutes) accountability call
  • Website and email technical set-up done for you
  • A workbook to help you create the content you need for your website
  • 1st Month Website Workbook

Who this is perfect for

Women who are looking to launch their online presence and who are fed-up of the excuses they keep telling themselves.  

Female founders who want to get their online presence up and running in less than a week, and have an established website in a month. 

What you'll leave with

Confidence to build, launch and grow your website at a pace you’re comfortable with.

An understanding of how to choose software confidently. 

Actionable steps you can follow to grow your website. 


not the FAQs
Some things you might be thinking about before you buy

Before you buy, there are some things you might want to know, these aren’t FAQs (because more than one of you would have to ask).

  1. Book the session at a time that suits you.
  2. Pay for the session (payment for this service needs to be made in advance)
  3. We’ll have the session where I’ll work with you to recommend a website and email platform.  We’ll also agree on your goals for getting your website content set-up.
  4. I’ll set-up the technical side of your email account and website platform.
  5. You’ll work on creating the content for your website to get it up and running.

The price does not include the following:

  • A domain name – it’s your responsibility to register and maintain the domain name
  • Monthly Gmail Subscription, prices start at £4.60 per month.
  • Any monthly costs for web hosting or website platform subscription.
  • Any tools, plugins or subscriptions to products & services you might use to build your website.

You also accept that it’s your responsibility to provide me with the relevant information I need to set-up your account and I won’t be liable for any mistakes if you fail to give me information that’s required.

As you’re buying a service from me, you don’t have any right to cancel once the work has started.

If you need to cancel before I’ve started work I’ll be happy to issue you a refund.

I am a member of the Google G Suite Referral Programme.  The deal is, you get 20% off your Google G Suite subscription for the first year, and they give me a small payment. 

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