About Emma

A bit of background

Hi there!
Lovely to meet you, I’m Emma… well, yeah, I know, we probably haven’t met yet, but I feel like I know you already. 
You’re passionate about something, but don’t know everything, but damn it you’re going to get there eventually.  Yeah, me too! 
So a bit about me, I’m a little over 40.  I’ve worked in IT and Digital for just over 21 years.  I’m an expert in Information Architecture, User Experience and Digital Strategy.  For lack of a better description, I’m a digital wordsmith and (if you’ll excuse the language, as it’s how someone else described me), an un-fucker of data.  
I’ve worked for digital agencies, the government (don’t hate me), big and small businesses.  I also have a track record for making them a lot of money, without them having to spend a ton.  
Clients I’ve worked with include The London Eye, The Open University, Pearson Education, Pepsi Max, The AstroTwins, First Great Western, The Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, Madame Tussauds, PRS for Music, Sky, Virgin Media and a whole lot more. 
I’m not a ‘mumpreneur’ (do ANY of you like that term or does it also give you a nervous twitch?). My reasons for going solo are my distaste for corporate politics and early menopause.  I have worked as a self employed contractor for at least half of my working life, which I’ve loved.  The commuting, however, I don’t love anymore.  
Oh, and fair warning, I’m prone to getting a bit ranty when I’m passionate about something, and swear like a sailor.
Really looking forward to getting to know you all more!
Emma x

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