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Yeah, I know wtf is up with that name??

Blame my dad.  My dad had lots of sayings for the weather, mostly fun, and a few not entirely PC ones.  
The two that I loved, were ‘Liquid Sunshine’ and ‘Angels Playing Skittles’.  He had a knack of taking things that most people would consider negative and putting a positive twist on them.  

I chose the name after a few years of thinking long and hard about it. Four to be exact. I wanted a name that would reflect the goals I want to achieve and something that reflected my dad.

Sadly, Liquid Sunshine had been taken many times over. Angels Playing Skittles, however, was completely available. A big sign saying “go for it”. 

My goal with Angels Playing Skittles is to help women who don’t know technology as well as I do get where they want to go. Dare I say there’s a lot of mansplainers in technology, and I’m the anti-mansplainer. I want to help you understand technology, find easy ways of doing things, and feel more confident.

My business approach is to teach you the skills you need. Whether that’s through a paid for course, or the content I share for free. As they say, a little knowledge goes a long way.


Bruce Chittenden
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