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I know, most people have mission statements, vision & values or a manifesto.  I have a set of principles that I want to try to work towards (I’m human so sometimes I might fall flat on my arse, but intention is everything). 

Those who know me personally, know I’ve gotten very principled as I’ve gotten older.  I maybe one sea in a voice of millions, but one voice can make a difference if you speak up.

No Shame

I’m a massive fan of Brene Brown’s work, and having read Daring Greatly and Rising Strong in the last 12 months I want to instigate a no shame policy.  

There are obviously examples of where I’ve found brands, businesses and organisations who are doing things that aren’t great, and I actively use those as examples to educate.  But I’m trying to do just that, educate.

Wherever I can, I won’t name the brands, businesses or organisations in question.  Nor will I take to personally shaming individuals.

Help is not a four letter word

By that I mean it’s not a swear word.  It’s not something ANYONE should feel ashamed for asking for.  

I have said this as a footnote in a blog post, but I’m going to say it again here.  If you need help with something that you feel that I have the ability to help you with, ask me.  

If you’re on your way up, every hand that helps you is a hand that I would hope you hold back when the time comes to do the same for someone else.  

If you’re a business that’s well established, I’m not an elitist, but I will charge you for my time.  As my business grows, I’ll be taking on fewer clients in this way, but that doesn’t mean I won’t help if I can.  

Glow big

I’ve had a habit of saying “go big or go home” but of late I realise that some people can struggle with things like this.   So from now on, I’m going to channel “Glow Big”.

If we all aim to glow a bit more in everything we do, I think we can channel a bit more positivity.  

Glowing big doesn’t require us to grow.  Nor do we need some kind of macho statement of going all out to get something.  So I’m going to glow big, and work from home.

Be humble, be kind, be patient and be a teacher, not a preacher

I think this one is pretty much self explanatory, but needless to say, I think being kind to people is important.  It is something that I sometimes struggle with, but it’s normally only with people who push my buttons so far they might as well be surgically implanting them.

I will do my absolute best not to be a preacher, mainly because if I get on my high horse remembering to tuck ‘n roll always eludes me and the lading is less than enjoyable.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in charge of the facts is going to get mansplained.  

The thing is, women can be as equally as guilty of this as the men in the world.  I’ve been on the receiving end of both.

Angels Playing Skittles and any of its associated channels is a mansplaining free zone.  I will remove comments and block people who do it to me or ANYONE within the community. It’s just not frickin’ cool.

No 'splainin'

This is one of my more recent mantras. In that I need to stop trying to be someone I’m not to get the attention of others. Trying to do so results in the combined effect of walking in shoes that are too small and too pointy… uncomfortable.

Having read a fair few posts in some groups I’m in of women starting out on their journey to build their dreams, the thing they struggle with a lot is their own voice. More specifically finding their own voice.

You be you is the best advice I can give. Your tribe will want to be your tribe because of you.

The best things in life are free

Sunshine, fresh air, the company of my dog, these are all things that are free and I love with all my heart.

What’s also free is word of mouth.  As Angels Playing Skittles grows, I am going to use my platform to help as many women on the way up as I can.  

I will be introducing a section to my site that is like my little blue book.  This will be all the amazing businesses and services that I come across along the way.  

As I’m also aiming to build a podcast series to go with the site, I’m going to hold a slot for one up and coming business each week to share the love.  Those generic sponsorship messages are good for revenue but bad for listeners.

Be more Bertie

For those of you who haven’t met Bertie, I suggest you do so.  He’s my golden retriever and chief happiness officer. He’s the man in my life at the moment.

Bertie, if you’ve read my blog article titled “Be more Bertie” has the ability to walk on by when another dog is being a dick towards him.  I think we could all learn to be a bit more Bertie in our online dealing.

Female forward

Wherever possible, I’d like to give my £ and $ to female run businesses.  

If you’ve found your way here, chances are, you’re here because you are on a similar kind of journey to me.  You want to build something from the ground up too.  

I will do my best to post the kind of help I need – i.e. a business to help me with something or when I can afford to hire someone, on here and via my social media channels. 

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