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I know, most people have mission statements, vision & values or a manifesto.  I have a set of principles that I want to try to work towards (I’m human so sometimes I might fall flat on my arse, but intention is everything). 

Those who know me personally, know I’ve gotten very principled as I’ve gotten older.  I maybe one sea in a voice of millions, but one voice can make a difference if you speak up.

No Shame

I’m a massive fan of Brene Brown’s work, and having read Daring Greatly and Rising Strong in the last 12 months I want to instigate a no shame policy.  

There are obviously examples of where I’ve found brands, businesses and organisations who are doing things that aren’t great, and I actively use those as examples to educate.  But I’m trying to do just that, educate.

Wherever I can, I won’t name the brands, businesses or organisations in question.  Nor will I take to personally shaming individuals.

Honesty is the best policy

I have developed a reputation for being honest. It’s a conscious choice, but I’ve found a life built on lies is like a house of cards. It will tumble in a light gust of wind.

The tech industry has a reputation for being built on lies and obfuscation. It’s created a toxic culture that I want no part of.

I want Angels Playing Skittles, the Female Founder Concierge and Toolkit to knock down the walls that the truth hides behind. I want you to know the honest facts about technology so you can make informed choices.

You know you better than anyone else, and you’re 100% capable of making your own decisions. If you understand something fully, you can make a completely informed choice.

Help is not a four letter word

I am not going to rinse you if you ask for help. I’m not going to tell you there’s a wrong way to ask for help. Help is, after all, available to all those at Hogwarts who ask for it.

This is something of a trigger for me. I’ve been shamed, by my bank no less, for asking for help when I needed it. I felt humiliated and desperate, and that nobody was going to help me.

So I don’t ask for help when I need it most. You might have a problem that it might take you weeks to fix, or it might take me minutes. I would hate the thought that you suffered in silence when I could have helped.

Help can take many forms, the only thing I would ask is that you make it clear how you need me to help you.

No Mansplaining

This is a mansplaining-free zone. One of my biggest annoyances in life is being mansplained or patronised. As a woman who’s made her career out of tech, it’s happened frequently and I don’t get used to it. Nor should I have to.

So if I won’t tolerate it, why should you? Anyone participating in the Angels Playing Skittles or Female Founder Toolkit Community will agree not to mansplain anyone in the community.

This is a zero tolerance rule. I’m not going to apologise if this seems harsh.

For that reason, when commenting or posting in the community, you are asked to first read all comments on a post. Don’t repeat what someone else has said, and please for the love of dog, don’t try to correct someone in a way that comes across as mansplaining.

Ethically Sourced

I’m not floating this because buying ethically is all the rage right now. I’m saying it because the things I know about tech would make your skin crawl.

Personally I don’t want to be buying from brands that have unethical business practices, or source unethically.

What do I mean by that? I will only give my money and business, reluctantly to businesses that have toxic working environments, provide services to American concentration camps or attempt to destabilise democracies.

Personally, I’d much rather support smaller, female run businesses with strong ethical practices.

Word of Mouth

I’m a big believer in the value and quality of a word of mouth recommendation. Afterall, nobody has 30 seconds for a brand, but everyone has 30 minutes for a good story. I’d much rather share those good stories.

I’m determined to create a word of mouth movement to generate my income, rather than relying on giving money to advertise on Facebook that’s for sure!

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